CC and CMS recognises that to provide an efficient and productive work environment, health and safety in the workplace is essential and is our #1 priority. The company is dedicated to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employee’s sub-contractors, clients, suppliers, the members of the public and our aim is for a goal of zero incidents, accidents, injuries and environmental impacts. We have an established and AS/NZ 4801-2001 & AS/NZ ISO 14001 accredited Health, Safety and Environmental Management System, specifically designed to address our operations. This system is integrated throughout every area of operation, and is backed by full management commitment to the ongoing continuous improvement of our systems, policies and procedures. This is achieved through effective consultation with employees and subcontractors, monitoring of procedures and standards, audits and inspections.


Our Work Health and Safety Management System aligns with or exceeds ISO 45001:2018. We comply with all applicable legislation and standards, which begins with but is not limited to Work Health and Safety Act 2011. We provide the processes, time, training and resources necessary for consultation, participation and effectively implementation and compliance.

CC and CMS have created workplace environments that positively influence, support and encourage a positive health and safety performance. This is within our team members, as well as our suppliers and contractors. We recognise that safety is not just about protecting us from something — it is also about protecting us for something. By sharing the commitment to preventing all work-related injuries and illnesses, we will be able to create a safe and healthy environment in our workplace and at home.

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