The areas within which we operate are sensitive and unique. As such, we recognise the importance of implementing measures to mitigate or eliminate our impact on our environment. Environmental management planning is integrated into all our business activities. CC & CMS has an established Environmental Management System fully accredited to AS/NZ ISO 14001. All projects undertaken by our company are specifically evaluated, with a documented project specific Environmental Management Plan (EMP) established prior to work commencing and maintained throughout operations. We are fully committed to continual improvement to enhance our environmental performance, through constant review, in order to provide an effectively controlled environmental management system and service.


There are several key elements to our Environmental Policy which include but are not limited to: preventing pollution; protecting the environment and preventing adverse effects; reuse and recycle materials wherever practical; at a minimum, comply with all appropriate legislation regulations and relevant codes of practice at all times.

Further to this, we set specific environmental objectives and targets in relation to our business activities, and ensure they are monitored and maintained. We ensure staff are provided with adequate environmental education and training to continually improve awareness, performance and knowledge of environmental issues. Whilst also establishing appropriate responsibilities for personnel, according to their position and activities. CC and CMS are committed to continual improvement on what is already accredited to national standards, in all aspects of environmental performance and protection.

We’re also committed to ensuring all personnel and subcontractors respect the environment, including the rights and opinions of local communities and the preservation of cultural and heritage locations.

Some Of Our Marine & Land Based Projects

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