We are the contractor of choice for all manner of Cape York electrical services. We have the personnel, expertise and equipment to design and install every aspect of your electrical requirements. Our electrical team consists of experienced qualified tradesmen, apprentices, project managers, estimators and supervisors. Our extensive experience guarantees quality of workmanship, and through adherence to industry standards and our focus on safety and reliability, we complete your projects on time and budget. At Carpentaria Contracting we guarantee to provide the most consistent and friendly electrical services, anywhere on Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Straits. Our large scope of capabilities, coupled with our project management, local knowledge and specialized equipment, makes us an efficient and cost effective solution for any electrical works in our region. Contact us today for an obligation free quote on (07) 4030 9999 or


Everything from power generation to HVAC, Data and Communications, all things HV, Telemetry controlled pumps, patch panels, networking, repairs and testing of Hazardous Area Equipment. We’re the team you can count on.


We service an array of commercial electrical infrastructure, from Cape York District Health centres (Hospitals) on the Cape to new installation and maintenance of electrical appliances, lighting upgrades and extensions.


Domestic Cape York electrical services we provide include, but are not limited to, house wiring, switchboard upgrades, meter monitoring, power surge protection, mains installations and upgrades to name just a few.


Our team of qualified personnel includes ships engineer, dual trade electrician / mechanic / diesel fitters, aircraft technician and radio technicians.


Our Cape York electrical services include power generation and supply. Be it the installation of high voltage underground power lines, to the creation of solar farms and associated maintenance and monitoring and hybrid solutions. Our team has worked on the expansion and monitoring of all of Telstra’s microwave repeater solar arrays north of Lakeland Downs and the BP solar upgrades of 12 Telstra Digital Relay Sites, including panels and arrays.

We’re also HVAC specialists and provide back-up power supply, to ensure uninterrupted power from single blocks to supermarkets. We have the capacity to service your needs, regardless of the size of the project. We also provide electrical project management including scheduling of works and other contractors, safety plans, risk reduction and exposure management.


Security is a critical issue and CC have extensive experience with creating robust solutions for all locations, including CCTV, IP, duress installations and maintenance. Our electronic monitoring systems range from simple keyed entry locks and alarms, to complex auto sensing digital camera networks, with monitoring and alarm auto diallers and internet uplink, long distance external networking to RF duress monitoring and alarms.

Communications is another serious consideration up north and we’re experienced with all elements of the Telstra network. We service all Telstra Remote Repeater Towers within the Northern Cape region, and have the facilities, training and equipment to service your remote radio repeater sites with installation and maintenance, including unmanned and remotely administered sites.

Some Of Our Marine & Land Based Projects

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