Project Management Capacity & Capabilities

We are remote area specialists, achieving an annual turnover in excess of $27M. Our team size varies to meet client demands, but usually includes 70 + staff with an extensive list of subcontractors and suppliers that regularly work for and supply our business. All aspects of financial management including expenditure, acquisitions, wages, subcontractors, invoicing etc, are carefully monitored by the Administration Manager, with assistance from an Administration Assistant. Careful project and account management is one of the factors that has seen our company enjoy continual growth, since inception.

Our Systems For Project Management

We use the TSM cost reporting system throughout the company, as well as Microsoft Projects. TSM is an industry leading job costing and accounting package which represents a major investment by the company, to provide an accurate real time cost reporting mechanism both internally, and to our clients. We choose the Ctrack system for our vehicle and equipment tracking. Ctrack provides daily health checks and odometer/hour meter readings. With this level of reporting, it’s much easier to schedule vehicle maintenance, keep up with vehicle license renewals or perform accident analysis. Additionally, Ctrack provides insights into speeding, accidents, harsh braking and cornering, excessive idling, tacho analysis, and route adherence, thus delivering a very powerful reporting system.

Carpentaria Contracting and Carpentaria Marine Services utilises Xero accounting software, which is a seamless cloud-based accounting platform designed especially for small-to-medium businesses.

Some Of Our Marine & Land Based Projects

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