Our people are making the difference in the market. We are a multi-disciplined company with room for professionals from many different backgrounds. We are result driven and customer focussed. If you are a team player with a love for working in remote areas you will fit right in.

We could not be doing what we are doing, without the effort of our great team, and we shout out to one of them on a regular basis.

Key personnel:

Vance Wallin

Our director Vance, has been a Weipa local for 20 years. What started with a small idea to hire out some machinery, quickly grew out to become a multifaceted company as a result of his lateral way of thinking.
His strength to recognise opportunities, together with his hands on attitude and work ethic, make that you will find him behind a desk closing a sale one minute, and driving a crane the next.

Asa King

The Operations Manager Asa has built our company  together with Vance since the start back in 1994 and knows it inside out. Managing the Weipa and TI branch on a daily basis, he is ever ensuring we keep our standards high, and improve wherever possible. As a Weipa local for many years, he knows all there is to know about the region.